Rumor: Somebody Groped An iPhone 5 Prototype

According to a new report from Business Insider, an iPhone 5 prototype has been seen, and handled, by a ‘source’ who is more than willing to share some information on the new device. The prototype is said to be much like the fabled iPhone 5 which was rumored to be launched earlier this year but was instead supplanted by the iPhone 4S.

The features of the alleged prototype were described in the report as being constructed from a prototype material but was actually functional. According to the source, the iPhone 5 will have a number of distinct features.

- A bigger screen than the current iPhone, up to 4″ diagonal
– Aluminum rear panel
– Liquidmetal coating, allowing for saturated metal colors
– Better quality screen in terms of color saturation
– Flat, capacitive home button
– Flatter profile
– Poor battery life but faster processor (may have been a prototype artifact)
– 10 Megapixel camera
– Prototype version of Siri (called ‘Assistant’)

The site is pretty up front about the fact that this should be treated as a rumor because it could not be confirmed with additional sources. However, this ‘rumor’ represents yet another report detailing a device that has not yet been shown in any way to exist but continues to to be a ghost in the machine in terms of the next gen iPhone.

The features listed represent almost exactly what many tech sites predicted the new iPhone would look like prior to the 4S release.  The colored Liquidmetal coating and greater color density/saturation in the screen are new info however, and it will be interesting to see if this ever emerges.

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  • TabgripforIpad

    In any case if it’s true, I hope the battery life is better than what is previously stated. It would be a shame to have the inability to use it longer.