Editorial: GTA V For Mac

Have you ever woken up on Christmas morning and opened a gift that was a complete surprise, and yet, seemed to be the most perfect present that anyone could have gotten for you at that specific time? Do you remember that feeling? For Mac users, wouldn’t the launch of GTA V for Mac elicit exactly the same feeling? Wouldn’t the launch of that specific game be the best thing that has happened to Apple gaming ever since the launch of Angry Birds.

Rockstar North today released the first trailer showcasing GTA V, the latest in the GTA franchise. While details on release dates and platforms may be scarce at the moment, it’s clear that this game has the potential to be the highest selling game in the history of the world. It’s almost guaranteed that XBox, Playstation and PC owners will be able to purchase it.

How about Mac users?

The iOS platform has engendered an entirely new generation of gamers that are also Apple users. In the past, Apple computers have been woefully under-served by the game developer community with only a fraction of games appearing on the Mac, often years after their initial release on other platforms and frequently overpriced. While iOS has utterly reversed that trend and, in some cases, has been a pioneering platform for some games, the fact still remains that the Mac is completely awful when it comes to game availability.

If Apple were on the ball, they would have been lobbying strongly for Rockstar to consider porting GTA V to the Mac, with a view to opening the floodgates for every other new release. The Mac is becoming more and more popular, and it’s time that this was reflected in the availability of new games for OS X. Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City and San Andreas are already available on the Mac App Store.

It’s time for Rockstar to give the V to the Mac.

High Five…

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  • Sergio Caraccioli

    I think the bigger the question is wether or not the mac will support it when the game is launched. Personally, I would love to play Grand Theft Auto V on my 13″ MacBook Pro. Less appliances to buy. GTA IV has insanely high minimum system requirements; even the new MacBook’s have a hard time digesting – and it’s from 2008. My guess is that a game like GTA V will blow a circuit. I’ll settle for playing it through BootCamp if it will play optimally. 

    My other quarrel is that Rockstar has a poor record with PC ports. Their games are optimized for consoles and their PC versions, either due to piracy or because they simply loathe computers, are always left hanging. 

    Fingers crossed, either way. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/BenBayliss Ben Bayliss

    It won’t come. Too much effort for such a small market share – “the juice isn’t worth the squeeze”

    • Anonymous

      30 million Macs.

  • Carson J Gallo

    It will, it’ll coming to OnLIve, LA Noire will be available for Mac next Tuesday through OnLive, so its no doubt that Mac users will be able to play thanks to OnLive.