Editorial: Going Nude With The iPhone 4S

I remember gloating as I opened the box with my new white iPhone 4S, the plastic covering the pristine screen which was just waiting to be smudged.  Despite being almost identical to the iPhone 4, the new 4S still looked new and exciting, not least because it was white, in contrast to a black 4.  In addition, there was also another box to open, but this one was from Amazon.  It contained an InCase iPhone 4/4S case so that I could protect my new tech baby like a newborn.

But, in the corner, my iPhone 4 sat there on the table, looking very forlorn, soon to be resigned to being used by an aging family member.  I took another look at it, cradling it, admiring its gorgeous brushed aluminum frame, pristine screen, clicky Home button…

Wait a minute… ‘pristine screen’.  That’s right, my iPhone 4, very well-used since it was released, still in perfect condition.  The screen did not have a scratch on it and the back panel of the iPhone, having been protected by an case, was equally as clean.  So why exactly did I walk around for all those months with a gorgeous iPhone encased in plastic?

Was it the fear of dropping it?  Well, that didn’t happen (even once) so that seems pretty irrational.  Was it the fear of the dreaded ‘antennagate’?  Most definitely not, because, as shown by my own extensive personal testing conducted when the controversy emerged, the coverage received was a large pile of overblown bullshit.

There is no need for the case, right?  If the iPhone 4 screen was perfect after over a year of use, the iPhone 4S has to be the same.

So here I sit, with a nude white iPhone, and it looks and feels great.  I encourage you all to go natural and hold your iPhone in the way that nature intended.  Naked.

Take It All Off And…

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  • Prof. Peabody

    naked is always good.  

  • Cilluk

    i love the “naked” look too, but when my kids get a hold – cover please!  I have lived through 2 smashed screens on my 3GS ….fingers crossed my 4s fairs better

  • Kevin

    I love the size and feel of my 4 and could never get myself to put a cover on it even after I got my free bumper cover from Apple. Personally, I was quite happy to see that Apple did not change the external design of the 4S…

  • byron church

    Cover thoes home wreckers and leave a little mystery you pervs !*

  • richie

    I use an SGP faux leather skin for the back and a Steinheil screen protector for the front.  I also bought the one-piece, brushed aluminum bezel protector that wraps around all sides and looks just like the original bezel.  While I’m sure the glass would crack somewhere if I were to drop it, it is protected very well from the everyday kind of scratches.

    • http://www.applebitch.com AppleBitch


    • SteveP

      When you’re nude it’s definitely important to protect your bezel! 

  • Anonymous

    I had a 3GS and I just upgraded to the 4S (I also drive an Audi TTS–SPEED, BABY!).  I’ve never used a cover on my phones, but I have a “reserved” pocket for my iPhone where it sits all by itself so it doesn’t get scratched by keys, coins, or anything else I have in my pocket.

    The only cover I use on the 3GS (and I’ll be getting one for the 4S shortly) is for my bike mount.  Otherwise, I’m with author–go naked, baby!

  • http://twitter.com/markbyrn markbyrn

    I use an Exogear battery case but definitely prefer nude

  • james Katt

    One drop of the floor is all it will need to be not perfect. That scratch or dent will be forever distracting and disappointing to you.

  • Traumaticacid

    I know what you are saying but…….. I quite enjoy undressing my iPhone 4.

    I ease off the cover so not to dislodge the screen protector, pick out the breadcrumbs, sand, bits of fluff and other UfO’s. Then I shine it all up, marvel at its beauty and then tuck it back into its case for another month or so.

    Almost like undressing a babe…. (well maybe not THAT exciting haha!) if you saw her in the nude everyday it would become old hat!

  • http://BGR.COM riggs

    and i thought i was going to see some cleavage here! lol, 4S is just as good!