Rumor: MacBook Pro Update Coming Soon

The MacBook Pro could be about to receive a small update, according to the chaps at 9to5Mac. The rumored update is expected to be launched at some point next week and is thought to feature small updates to the latest Intel Sandy Bridge processors.  While the report cautions that the new MacBook Pro could be pushed back, it does note that the new models are likely to be quietly introduced at the same price points as the current models.

In addition, the reports also notes that it’s unlikely that the Pro is going to receive a redesign at this stage due to the internal part numbers.  Supplies are apparently becoming constrained across the globe in third party sellers, and this is often a good indication that a new or refreshed model is coming soon.

It’s unknown if the new models will receive an update to Bluetooth 4.0 which has been rumored previously, and is currently found in the recently launched iPhone 4S and the most recent version of the MacBook Air.  The new standard features lower power requirements and, as such, hopefully Apple will slot this feature into the new MacBook Pro.

If there’s one thing that’s been on my wish list ever since the prototype MacBook Pro with integrated 3G functionality appeared on eBay, it’s a MacBook Pro with integrated LTE capabilities.  Just a fanciful wish but here’s hoping.


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