Apple Releases iWork For iOS Update

Apple has released a major update for iWork on iOS devices which allows users to take advantage of the new document and file sharing features in iCloud. The update allows users to keep their iWork documents, spreadsheets and presentations in sync across all devices and on the home page.

The new functionality allows users to edit their iWork files on any device and automatically see the changes on other devices with iWork. On, there is a simple drag and drop interface that allows you to move documents from your Mac into the iCloud/iWork storage area.

The update is available now through the App Store on your iOS device and conveniently ffords you the ability to enjoy syncing the updates to your Mac wirelessly following the OS X 10.7.2 and iOS 5 software that was released today.

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  • SD

    iCloud so far is a HUGE disappointment as far as iWork goes….it should sync all your Docs across all your devices, like it does for contact, bookmarks, etc. Instead, it basically just syncs them to your IOS devices, but does’t sync automatically between two computers.  iCloud needs to work like DropBox, or else it is virtually useless for Docs…..

  • Prof. Peabody

    This hasn’t been reported anywhere I know of yet, but … 

    … this update actually fixes some long standing problems of Pages and isn’t solely focussed on iOS 5 compatibility.  

    – It adds hyphenation to the mobile version
    – It fixes English spell-checking so that it finally works.

    The split keyboard is a disappointment, but this update might even make Pages for iOS finally feature complete vis a vis the desktop version (still investigating).