iTunes 10.5 Release Kicks Off iCloud Rollout

Apple has today released iTunes 10.5, kicking off the rollout of iCloud over the next few days. The new iTunes software contains the functionality required for users who are looking to utilize iCloud when the new Apple service is launched over the coming days. In addition, the new software allows iTunes to automatically download new purchases that are made from the iTunes Store on other devices directly to a Mac or other devices without syncing. Users will also be able to re-download historical purchases without charge.

The iTunes release will be followed up tomorrow with the release of iOS 5.0 which, among other things, incorporates the functionality required for the use of iCloud with iOS devices. As such, other major changes in iTunes are related to the new iOS 5 software that is due to be released tomorrow, among them, the ability for users to be able to sync their iOS device with their Mac or PC over a wireless connection.

Notably, Apple has not included the ability for users to enable iTunes Match, the $24.99 per year service which allows users to match their current music collection with iTunes to allow streaming of 246-Kbps quality to any device. It’s likely therefore that we may see a further update to iTunes prior to Match being rolled out in addition to iCloud.


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  • Khürt L. Williams

    “Notably, Apple has not included the ability for users to enable iTunes Match …” because to use the feature on your iPhone/iPod Touch you WILL need iOS 5 first.

    • AppleBitch

      Yes you will.  But given that it’s due today, I, for one, would have expected that functionality in 10.5, not 10.5.1

      • Khürt L. Williams

        I’ve got Music Match via the beta. Given that it took almost a whole data to scan and index my iTunes music and then upload that to Apple’s server, I can understand their reluctance to enable on the same day they issues a major iOS update.