Rumor: New iPhone 5 May Offer 64GB Storage

Yet another significant detail on the upcoming iPhone 4S/5 has emerged from 9to5Mac, with their source suggesting that the new device will be offered in three storage capacities as opposed to the current two. While the iPhone 4 is currently available in 16GB and 32GB, the new device will either be an 8GB version or, even better, a 64GB version.

The arguments for each new size are as follows. The 8GB iPhone, while representing a lower capacity than is currently offered, could fit into the rumors that Apple is preparing to offer a more economical version of the iPhone 4 which would be more affordable. A decreased amount of storage would obviously help to reduce the cost. However, given that a new iPhone with the product code N90A has appeared in Apple’s inventory (the code for the existing iPhone 4 is N90), this would seem to suggest otherwise.

The likelihood is that Apple will be preparing to release a 64GB version of the iPhone as rumors in the past have suggested that the company was prototyping devices with that storage capacity.  A video with a white 64GB iPhone circulated several months ago suggesting that it was certainly a feasible option.

However, with the launch of iCloud and iTunes Match approaching quickly, could Apple be focused more on cloud storage versus onboard storage?  We’ll have to wait and see.

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  • Jdhook

    But, will there be an iPod Classic with enough storage to put your entire music collection on the device for your car???

  • person287

    Doesn’t really surprise me that much, the technology is obviously there to put it in so there’s no reason they wouldn’t that I can think of, they can also probably mark it up a bit more. Also wouldn’t be surprised if the next iPod Touch is 128GB.