Apple Adds New iPhone And iPod Touch To Internal Inventory

Apple has apparently added a new iPhone 4 and a new iPod touch to it’s internal inventory (via 9to5Mac). The iPod touch, with three new models, has been given the codename of N81A, so the new codename likely represents a new model in three different specifications. The ‘A’ perhaps refers to the white iPod touch that has been rumored to launch for some time now. It could also refer to a tweaked version of the existing black iPod touch, either of could be destined to launch alongside the next generation iPhone on October 4th. There are no indications that the iPod will be receiving a storage upgrade from 8GB, 32GB and 64GB.

In addition to the iPod touch, a new iPhone 4 has apparently appeared on the inventory system and has been given the codename of N90A. Since the N90 is the code for the current iPhone 4, this likely refers to a tweaked version of the existing iPhone, perhaps the ‘iPhone 4S’ that has made the headlines over the past few months, but more likely, as 9to5Mac reports, an 8GB version of the iPhone 4.

The new inventory additions are noticeably missing the N94 device which has long been rumored to be the code for the new iPhone 5, the highly anticipated new iPhone which Apple is expected to introduce on October 4th at the scheduled press event. With iOS 5 expected to appear on October 12th and the new iPhone models expected to be made available to the public on October 14th, it’s going to be an exciting few weeks.


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