Rumor: Facebook Could Announce iPad App At iPhone 5 Event In October

Facebook could be partnering up with Apple at the launch of the iPhone 5 to introduce their own new dedicated iPad app during the rumored October 4th event. That is the story according to Mashable who are suggesting that, together with the new iPad Facebook app, Facebook will also “release a revamped version of its iPhone app and may unveil an HTML5-based mobile app marketplace“.  The story goes that Facebook and Apple have also been working closely together to bring Facebook to iOS devices via an HTML 5 platform.

The rumor follows on from the news that the Facebook app may have been ready for some time but that Facebook is slow playing the launch, resulting in frustrations for former Facebook Software Engineer Jeff Verkoeyen who has talked about the delays in the app launch in a TechCrunch article.

It’s not clear whether or not this news story is accurate, but given that Facebook has been rumored to be heavily integrated into iOS 5 alongside Twitter, there may be some truth in the matter.

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