iOS 5 Release Close As Apple Schedules iCloud Data Deletion For Sept 26th?

Apple has informed developers with access to the iTunes Match portion of iCloud that their Match data will be erased on September 26th (via MacRumors). Developers were reportedly sent an e-mail informing them of the data deletion noting that the deletion was required “to improve the overall quality and reliability of iTunes Match, it has become necessary to delete all current iCloud libraries“.

The data deletion is likely taking place because Apple is preparing to release the GM or Gold Master build of iOS 5 that would be the final version of the software released to the public. As such, any prior bugs that were presented in the matched libraries of developers who had testing access to the new features will have to be cleared via a complete erasing of all iCloud data.  It is likely, therefore, that the GM build will be with developers soon in addition to being send to production factories to be installed on any new iOS devices that will be sold in the coming weeks.

With the announcement of the new iPhone 5 and/or iPhone 4S expected to take place at an event held on October 4th, Apple is likely making preparations for the GM build of iOS 5 to be installed on the new iPhone units. Apple is also widely expected to launch iCloud with iTunes Match at the same time as the new iPhone and iOS 5 and, as such, the erasing of Match data suggests that the company is getting close to that release.

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