Apple Owns ‘'; Looking Towards Solar Powered iPods?

Apple is now the owner of the domain, as noted by MacRumors, naturally prompting speculation that the company could be interested in releasing an iPod that is either partially or fully solar powered. The news of the registration is perhaps not new as the company could have registered the domain as long ago as 2007, through the name of However, the recent emergence of a number of domains that have been registered by Apple under this pseudonym could give a few clues to the company’s intentions.

A solar powered Apple device has certainly been discussed within the company as Patently Apple has, coincidentally today, pointed towards patents of iPods with solar panels integrated into the external structure of the device.  Certainly, with the popularity of the iPod shuffle and iPod nano, and the fact that both devices use flash memory, the potential for low powered iPods running off solar power isn’t outside the realms of possibility.  The question is whether the ratio of surface area for solar panels to size and complexity of device would be a compatible match-up.

Apple also registered the domain name back in 2005, perhaps to keep their options open following the release of the iPod nano. Other domain name registrations prior to announcements, notably, have also pointed towards future intentions.  While, in this case, the company may simply be covering their bases, solar powered mobile Apple devices that are independent from a power cord is an intriguing possibility.


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