T-Mobile Not Getting iPhone 5 This Year

 In a rather disappointing turn of events for some, an internal communication document appears to point towards T-Mobile dodging the iPhone 5 bullet for this year. According to what is apparently an internal meeting memo (TMONews via 9to5Mac), Chief Marketing Officer Cole Brodman apparently confirmed at a Town Hall style meeting on September 15th that the carrier would not be getting the iPhone 5, to the tune of “We are not going to get the iPhone 5 this year“.

Many people will be disappointed at the news if true, especially with the recent rumors swirling around of Sprint starting to carry Apple products in the coming months.  Of course, the quote can be interpreted in two ways.  First, the carrier could simply be getting the iPhone 5 at a later date, as the iPhone 5 is expected to launch sometime in October this year which only leaves 2-3 months for carriers other than AT&T and Verizon to get the iPhone in the USA.

The second manner of interpretation could relate to T-Mobile getting another Apple device such as the iPhone 4 or even the iPhone 4S, the revamped version of the iPhone 4 that has been rumored to be launched alongside the iPhone 5 and may be the device that is destined for Sprint or even some Asian network carriers.

Of course, T-Mobile in the UK already carries the iPhone 4, but for the moment at least, it seems as if the iPhone on T-Mobile USA could still be some way off.

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  • Winski

    This will cost TMO five million customers and a slip from the spotlight in anyone else’s eye, to a position of spectrum peddler. They’ll go down…