Rumor: New Leaked Case Pics Suggest Dramatic Design Change For iPhone 5

Some new images discovered by BGR are strongly suggesting that the iPhone 5 will see a redesign from the one used for the iPhone 4. The images are of cases that are specifically designed for the iPhone 5 and are showing the same tapered edges and relocated lock/volume button as previous cases from Asia have shown.

What makes these cases rather special is the fact that the image comes from major iPhone case manufacturer Case-Mate who posted the images in a page on it’s website. Apparently the page was pulled after a short time.  Case-Mate is a big producer of iPhone cases and it’s rather interesting that such a significant manufacturer is making cases with the new design, rather than other very obscure manufacturers.

Another interesting point that can be seen from the image above is that the picture shows an iPhone with what appears to be an aluminum rear panel.  This aluminum design was reflected in a rumor from back in March where an employee from Foxconn, the company that manufactures the iPhone, apparently saw next generation iPhones with aluminum panels moving along the production line.

While these are simply images that could be based on a hypothetical design change, what is clear is that the number of cases reflecting this design change is mounting up, providing yet more indication that Apple will be dropping a new iPhone with a dramatic redesign at their next event.

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