Rumor: Another Report Of 23rd September For Final Version (GM) Of iOS 5

Another report is suggesting that Apple will be releasing the Gold Master (GM) build of iOS 5 on 23rd September, according to a ‘trusted source’ of BoyGeniusReport.  Though the word ‘release’ is used, it appears that this means that iOS 5 will be seeded to registered iOS developers rather than to the general public.  The article backs up a rumor published yesterday suggesting that the GM build of iOS 5 would be released to Apple manufacturing partners on 23rd September.  However, it’s not clear if the ‘trusted source’ is the same as the one who spoke to MacRumors and AppleInsider yesterday.

“…even though Apple seeded iTunes 10.5 beta 8 last week, iOS 5 beta 8 won’t be released until this Friday. After beta 8, Apple will introduce a Gold Master build on or around September 23rd as has been rumored. We believe that build is what will be loaded onto the already-assembled iPhone 5 hardware currently waiting for final software in China. Apple will then request that carrier partners give technical acceptance to the Gold Master by October 5th if there are no issues with it.”

Unfortunately, the report doesn’t give any indication of when the iOS 5 GM will be released to the public as the GM build is generally identical to the one that will be issued to all users.  The site notes that the GM build will be loaded on to iPhone 5 hardware and that this points to an early October release of the iPhone 5, although it’s again unclear how this information was obtained.

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