Sprint For It: iPhone 5 To Launch With Unlimited Data On Sprint Network In October

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Sprint is going to be getting the iPhone 5 in October and the network is going to entice new customers with the promise of unlimited data.  According to the dreaded ‘people familiar with the matter’ the company plans to roll out the device in the middle of next month and hopes to draw a large proportion of customers who would have normally signed up with the either Verizon or AT&T when the iPhone eventually arrives.  As noted by Bloomberg, the other carriers place some fairly stringent limits on data;

“AT&T and Verizon charge for data service on top of voice- service plans. AT&T, which has unlimited voice service for $69.99 a month, offers 200 megabytes of data for $15 a month, 2 gigabytes of data for $25 a month, or 4 gigabytes of data for $45 a month. Verizon’s data plans for the iPhone start at $30 a month for 2 gigabytes and rise to $80 for 10 gigabytes, in addition to unlimited voice service for $69.99 a month.”

The three key questions with this news are; how reliable is the source, how long will Sprint
offer the unlimited data and what does unlimited mean.  Addressing the first question, ‘people familiar with the matter’ have popped up a lot recently with some fairly outlandish claims but given that both Bloomberg and the WSJ agree that Sprint is going to get the iPhone, it’s lends more credibility to the report.

Regarding the unlimited data, you will no doubt remember that when Verizon launched the iPhone, and indeed AT&T at the beginning, the promise of unlimited data ran rampant as networks tried to get consumer business.  Sadly, and rather swiftly after launch, that unlimited data dried up and left expensive data plans with stringent limits.  In addition, the ‘fair use policy’ that networks placed 0n users meant that there was no such thing as unlimited data.  Only 5GB data plans that were falsely advertised as unlimited.

While this is fantastic news if true, we’ll see which road Sprint decides to go down when the iPhone 5 is actually launched.

Still Unlimited…

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