Shipping Times For iPod Classic Start To Slip On European Apple Store Sites

The shipping times for the iPod Classic on online Apple Stores in Europe are starting to slip, possibly indicating that a new model may be round the corner in September.  The shipping estimates for Apple Stores in the UK, Portugal, France and Belgium are all down from 24 hours around one week ago, to two business days for current orders (hat tip reader Ron).

It certainly could be something or it could be nothing, but when the shipping times for an Apple product start to lengthen, particularly when on the Apple Store itself, it can sometimes mean that Apple is preparing to launch a new version of a device. The iPod Classic is in dire need of an update, having last been updated a full two years ago in September 2009.

It’s unclear as to what improvements Apple could be making to the Classic or even if they will continue to offer it in the face of ever expanding storage and features in the iPod touch (which is rumored to be receiving an update with 3G connectivity soon). While Toshiba has notably released 5mm hard drives with 220GB of storage that would be ideal for the iPod Classic, it should also be noted that this year represents the tenth anniversary of the introduction of the iPod. If Apple wanted to honor their seminal device in any way, then introducing a completely new model in October, one decade after the original iPod was announced, would be a great way to do it.


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  • LarryC

    I hope they aren’t going to drop it.