New Apple Patent Looks At MagSafe Chargers For iPad And iPhone

According to a new patent recently uncovered by Patently Apple, the company has been awarded a patent which is concerned with the possibility of implementing MagSafe adapters in iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The concept, which was first outlined back in 2010, describes how MagSafe connectors could be used to avoid damage to iOS device when their charging cables are yanked accidentally. Additionally, it would presumably be a lot easier to connect MagSafe chargers than it would the current method.

The MagSafe charger has been used in Macs for several years now and is especially useful in laptops, helping to avoid the issue of yanking your laptop onto the ground when you trip over the charging cable. Unfortunately, given the lightweight nature of iOS devices, this may not offer the same luxury in Apple mobile devices as it’s likely, unless modifications are made to the strength of the magnet, that the device would be yanked down along with the cable.

That said, the introduction of MagSafe chargers in iOS devices would be a welcome addition.


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