Rumor: Is Apple Projector Patent The Reason For

A new patent that has recently been awarded to Apple describes how the company could be planning to integrate projectors into iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad allowing projection of images streamed from Macs (via PatentlyApple). The patent also describes how a device could even detect shadow and silhouette gestures (common in a darkened presentation environment) potentially opening the door for controlling presentations by waving your arms.  Fantastic.

The technology of small projectors can often be referred to as ‘Pico-projectors’ because they are so small (although, obviously not pico-sized).   This then generates a bit of interest in terms of the unused domain name which was reported as having some activity recently when the name registration was transferred to Apple (although the company have owned it for some time).

Given that many Apple patents get nowhere near a public release, could this patent in combination with the domain name registration signal a new direction for Apple in terms of implementing some rather cool new projection features in Macs and iOS devices?  Hopefully.

For A Fantastic Projection…

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