Match? Apple On The Verge Of Launching iTunes Replay For Movies

A new report from AppAdvice is suggesting that Apple is about to launch iTunes Replay, a feature will act as a download on demand service for movies and TV shows that have already been purchased. Similar to the iCloud music concept, the service is essentially targeted towards viewable media rather than music.

“iTunes Replay is an extension to what Apple is already doing with iCloud and free re-downloads of previously purchased music. As Apple secures the remaining rights, TV Shows as well as Movies in iTunes will be given little arrow indicating whether they’re “iTunes Replay eligible”, that is, available to be downloaded subsequent times. Note that some content will unfortunately only be available to download five times and we don’t know how streaming will count towards that limit.”

What is unclear at the moment is if this service will be the equivalent of iTunes match, the $25 per year service that will launch with iCloud and allow users to stream purchased content from a variety of sources to their devices. Essentially Apple would ‘match’ media already on a user’s system and keeps a registry of that media allowing the users to access it wherever they want. Whether or not the new iTunes Replay service would offer the same functionality to media purchased elsewhere or if it is simply limited to iTunes purchases is the big question.

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