Rumor: iPhone 5 Launch Date Is October 1st (In Canada)

According to new information provided by BGR, the launch date for the next generation iPhone 5 has been firmed up and will occur on October 1st in Canada. While that specific information may seem a little out of context, the source of the launch date was apparently an individual who works at Canadian cellphone carrier Telus and has provided the info based upon what is being heard at the carrier.

It is still unclear as to when the iPhone 5 will be launching in the United States as previous launches have not been consistent in terms of launching in the US prior to internationally, or at the same time as international release.  However, if Apple decide to open a pre-ordering system in advance of the physical retail launch, then ordering systems in multiple countries could go online at the same time.  Previous reports have pegged the iPhone 5 launch to be in the first half of September.

There is a caveat to this however.  The October 1st launch date will occur on a Saturday and Apple tends to release new products, including the iPhone, during the week, historically on a Thursday or Friday.  This date may therefore indicate a retail store launch rather than an advance online reservation option launch.


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