Rumor: AT&T Anticipates iPhone 5 Launch In First Half Of September 2011

AT&T has apparently begun to make preparations for the launch of the next generation iPhone which will reportedly take place in early to mid-September of this year, according to some new intelligence posted by BGR. The carrier has apparently been informing new employees that their training requirements have to be met as soon as possible due to the anticipated increase in walk-in traffic that will occur in the first half of September for when an incredibly popular new product will launch. That product is thought to be the next generation iPhone 5.

This information is pretty consistent with other reports suggesting that Apple is looking for more staff to be available around the same time for new product launches and that a new device will be announced in August with a launch window of September. This correlates with previous information that Apple would be holding a Fall launch event for the iPhone 5 when it did not appear at the WWDC event in June, historically the time when the company have launched new iPhone models.

While the information is certainly a little more specific than we have heard in the past, Jim Dalrymple of The Loop seems a little less than impressed with the report.  Oh, and the iPhone 4 won’t be getting discontinued.

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