Rumor: Apple Looking To Revamp User Interface In Next Generation iWork ’12?

A new job advertisement on the Apple website suggests that Apple is looking to revamp the iWork user interface on the Mac and on iOS devices. The advertisement, for a Senior User Interface Designer, states that the company is looking for someone who can take the user interface for iWork to the next level, both on the Mac and iOS platforms.

Unfortunately, putting this new job advertisement into the context of recent iWork events doesn’t give too much of an optimistic picture of when iWork ’11 could be released. Apple has just released an update for iWork ’09 which embraces many of the key features of Lion, suggesting that iWork ’09 will be around for a while yet. Taking this fact in combination with the advertisement for the Senior UI Designer could mean that Apple is still at the early stages of engineering the next generation of iWork software and, as such, should we be expecting iWork ’12 rather than iWork ’11?

It’s obviously been a couple of years since iWork ’09 but the demand for a new version of the software remains high.  Given that there’s only five months left in 2011, if the advertisement is for a UI engineer intended to establish the UI for next generation of iWork software, are we going to see it before the end of the year?  Not likely.


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  • KevinCu

    Sad to hear this, been waiting for a good loooong while for an update. I need to keep using the current iWork Pages for my current book and would have loved to have something new to show, but alas, it is not to be until a year from now, I would expect.