White MacBook Clings On For Dear Life

Running mildly contrary to our earlier report that the white polycarbonate MacBook had been killed off by Apple in the latest round of updates to the Mac line-up, MacRumors has in fact spotted a rather interesting piece of information that suggests it isn’t quite dead yet. Apparently, Apple will be continuing to offer the white MacBook to educational institutions as part of the institutional purchase program.

MacBook (MC516) is now Available for Education Institutions Only. All backlog for channel and non direct education institution customers should be cancelled effective today July 20th.
The MacBook (MC516) will be available to all channel partners via the Apple On-line Reseller stores and is now intended to be sold out only to education institutions.

It should be noted that individuals can no longer purchase the MacBook through the educational discount scheme, rather it has to be institution that purchases it but, given the popularity of the white MacBook with students, it seems that there could be workarounds.

Work It…

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