Apple Preparing To Update iWork To Fully Embrace Lion; iWork ’11?

Apple is preparing to release a major update to iWork which will embrace the new features present in the latest Mac OS, 10.7 Lion (via 9to5Mac). The new features present in the iWork update will reportedly include support for Full Screen Mode, Auto Save, Resume and Versions, which form some of the core new elements of the Lion operating system. According to the source the update weighs in at around 90 megabytes and will be released shortly after Lion is released today.

If this indeed comes to fruition then it raises a couple of questions related to the future of iWork. Back in March, we initially predicted that Apple would be releasing iWork ’11 at the same time as Lion, with a view to incorporating the new features into the software.  While the update today may in fact be an update to the existing iWork ’09 software, it therefore raises the question over whether there will be an iWork ’11 at all i.e. will Apple essentially just keep updating iWork software as needed rather than releasing a new version every couple of years.

While there were indications last year that Apple would be releasing iWork ’11 on the Mac App Store, there has been very little intelligence recently which would indicate that this was still the case.  We can but wait.


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