Review: The HandStand iPad Holder

The HandStand is an iPad 2 case with a difference.  While most iPad cases give you protection or the ability to prop your iPad up on a surface, the HandStand gives you a brand new way of holding the iPad.  The case, available for either the first generation iPad or the iPad 2, encloses the iPad in a case made of silicone, giving you the feeling that the device is completely protected.  You can pair it with a screen film for even greater protection if required.  This almost makes you feel better about the ‘shock factor’ i.e. when you drop your iPad, is a thin rigid case going to protect it?  With the HandStand, you get the feeling that the iPad will be protected against bumps and bashes.

The killer feature of the HandStand is the rotating grip at the rear of the cover which slides over your hand and enables you to hold the iPad in a pretty unique way.  You don’t have to worry about dropping it as the material slides comfortably over the back of your hand and moulds the iPad to your palm.  The rotating grip allows you to move the iPad 360 degrees which gives you fantastic durability.  The cut-outs provide access to all of the iPad buttons and speakers and are accurately positioned and well-engineered.

Are there any criticisms of the product?  Well, there are two but they are relatively minor.  The first is that you shouldn’t be expecting to use the case only when you need it.  It’s pretty tricky getting the iPad in and out of the HandStand but depending on your point of view, this could be a good thing as it definitely won’t fall out and is well-protected.  It’s a personal thing but don’t expecting to be swapping between cases.  The second thing is that the price could be lowered a little.  At $49.95 it’s a little higher than I would have liked.  Even a drop to $39.99 would be fine.

I would say that, for people that are on the move a lot and want to carry an iPad around with them for most of the day, you couldn’t pick a better case. It’s thin enough to store away in a bag but where it would really come into it’s own is when you are moving around and don’t want to have to remember to pick up the iPad.  It’s always there when you want it.  The construction quality of the case is of a high standard, well-designed and intuitive.



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  • Blah

    It’s siliconE not icon. Duh.

  • Jane

    “pretty unique”? 

    Are you sure it isn’t “somewhat unique” or “partly unique”? Maybe “a little pregnant,” or “semi-immortal”? 

    Something’s unique or it ain’t. Time to straighten up and fly right, Apple Bitch!

  • Thomas

    Can you still use the Smart Cover with this in place?

    – Thomas

  • Thomas

    Can you still use the Smart Cover with this in place?

    – Thomas

  • Azam Mohammed

    Wow finally a case that looks unique to others on the market! Great review. :)