Getting Heated; A5 Processor In iPhone 5 Running Too Hot?

In a rather amusing story, Chinese site is reporting that the iPhone 5 could be a little longer than expected in coming to market because the A5 processor in the new device is running too hot and is overheating (via 9to5Mac).  The A5 chip, also found in the iPad 2, is apparently struggling to cope with being shut in such an enclosed space and cannot be maintained at a cool temperature.

Taking the information supplied with a large pinch of salt, also reports that the the release of the iPhone 5 has therefore been delayed until 2012, instead of Fall 2011, as previously rumored.  Apple is also reportedly considering moving from the A5, engineered on a 45 nm process, to an A6 chip, engineered on a 28 nm process, in their mobile devices.  The question is, therefore, will Apple simply release a spec-bumped A4 driven iPhone 4S in the Fall and wait until 2012 for a full upgrade and redesign of the next generation iPhone incorporating a 28 nm processor?

So, I guess Apple has a few options on how to deal with this. Underclock the A5, improve the heat dispersion internally, stick with the A4 or attach a large fan and heat sink to the rear of the iPhone 5 to help out a little. Personally, I like the fan idea as it would keep my hand cool although you’ll get a nasty surprise if you’re ‘holding it wrong’.  To be honest though, this ‘overheating’ is probably little more than conjecture.

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