Rumor: Thinner And Lighter iPhone 5 With New Design Due 2011

A new rumor from the Wall Street Journal is suggesting that Apple is preparing a new iPhone 5 which has a thinner and lighter design than the existing iPhone 4. The new device is apparently scheduled for a September 2011 launch and 25 million units are expected to be produced.  The new iPhone is also expected to incorporate an 8 megapixel camera.

Despite the fact that many other sources are suggesting that the iPhone 5 will essentially have the same design as the existing iPhone 4, the WSJ is suggesting that the new iPhone will be thinner and lighter. How this would be accomplished whilst incorporating a new A5 processor and GSM / CDMA compatibility and maintaining similar battery life would be quite an accomplishment but it does remain to be seen if this new design actually emerges.

The report actually suggests that the new device is proving rather complicated to manufacture but it is unclear if this is due to the more compressed design of the device or if some other design changes have been made.  The report points towards touch screens as being one of the factors that could contribute to this.

The question currently seems to be whether Apple is trying to make the new iPhone 5 thinner and lighter or if new features and improved performance over the iPhone 4 are the the main focus for this generation iPhone.

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