Mac Mini Now On Backorder In Best Buy And Amazon UK

We have received a tip indicating that, contrary to other reports, supplies of the Mac mini are getting a little constrained ahead of a potential refresh when OS X 10.7 Lion launches. Major US seller Best Buy has now put the Mac mini on back-order with an estimated arrival date beginning on the 12th July (hat tip – 9to5Mac noticed this a while back). Amazon UK has done the same with an estimated in-stock date of the 5th July.

It should be noted that both sites are indicating that it is the old model that will be re-stocked (no new model is mentioned) and Best Buy is still showing pick-up availability at many stores. Earlier in the week, it emerged that Amazon UK was running low on the Mac mini and MacBook Air and it was noted that Best Buy had ceased shipping the current model MacBook Air.

New Mac mini models have been rumored to launch around the end of July / beginning of August and are expected to incorporate Sandy Bridge processors together with the Thunderbolt high speed interface. Apple has been rumored to be holding back on releasing the update to the Mac mini until the retail version of 10.7 Lion is made available so that all new Macs are able to ship with the new OS already pre-installed.


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  • Aaron

    Hope it will have BTO for SSD

  • Dick Hurtzer

    Mac Mini is a ripoff. Why do people buy this extremely limited yet expensive pos?

    • Boxster

      1. It’s small. I want my computer to serve me, discretely.
      2. It’s power efficient. I can leave it running 24/7 and not feel bad.
      3. Mac OS
      4. Money isn’t that big of an issue for a lot of people who value aesthetics and convenience.

    • studio5861

      i use a mini to run logic studio, pro tools 9, finale, and use tons of virtual instruments such as omnisphere and vienna instruments on a mini with 2 twentyfour inch monitors – what is wrong with that picture?? Nothing!