Rumor: Analyst Believes iCloud Will Clear The Way For An Apple Television Set

Despite a fair amount of opinion to the contrary, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has once again reiterated his belief that Apple intends to released a brand new piece of hardware, a television set (via AppleInsider). This time however, he states that the high definition television set will come at some point in late 2012, but that the Fall 2011 launch of iCloud will pave the way for users to easily share content, such as movies and TV shows, among devices.  Devices such as an Apple branded television.

While the likelihood of Apple negotiating with studios to obtain the rights to media that would allow them to store and stream said media on iCloud is nothing new, the rumor that Apple could be releasing their own branded television set is a discussion that has generated a fair amount of polarized opinion.  Many people argue that it would simply never happen because of the already saturated market and the lack of scope for innovation that would empower high sales.

One could suggest that Munster is simply bending the launch of iCloud to fit his own hypothesis but, then again, you never know where his sources are coming from.  He was absolutely right about the popularity of the original iPad but, then again, he did also suggest that there was a 70% chance of Apple building its own search engine.  A Google executive, somewhere, surely must be absolutely bricking it.  But as Munster has been going on about this Apple television set for years now, there surely has to be something in it….doesn’t there?

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  • Prof. Peabody

    It makes sense from an engineering standpoint in that there are so many things wrong with a standard televisions and the way they are designed.  Typically Apple would solve most or all of those problems with their set and we will wonder why no one else ever thought of it that way.  

    On the other hand, whether it happens or not will likely come down to the cost of manufacture and the profit margin.  

    I’d love to buy an Apple TV.  You can bet it will be as much better than the competition as the MacBook is over a regular laptop.  Perhaps a single slab that hangs on the wall like a picture?

  • The CW

    Accurate Gene Munster Apple predictions approach a negative number.