Facebook App For iPad Coming Soon

A new report is suggesting that Facebook has secretly been working on a dedicated app for the iPad for the past year and that it is getting close to release. The New York Times is suggesting that the app will launch in a matter of weeks and is not simply a FaceBook interface for iPad but a dedicated app with revamped features. The app will apparently be free of charge from the App Store and the design changes will be dramatic.

“the application…has a slick design that has been tailored for the iPad and its touchscreen interface. Facebook developers and designers have also overhauled the Facebook Chat and Facebook Groups features for the application. And the app will go beyond the features available on the Facebook Web site by allowing users to shoot and upload photos and videos directly from the iPad’s built-in cameras”

The report also says that Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive of Facebook, has played a big role in the development of the app.  Facebook itself appears to be taking a leaf out of Apple’s book when asked about the app as they declined to comment on future Facebook products.

It will be interesting to see how the sales of the official app impact upon other dedicated iPad Facebook apps such as Friendly for FaceBook which have been credited for bring Facebook to iPad in a user friendly and highly functional manner.  Facebook now has to release an app that will live up to the high standards set by third party app developers for the use of its services.

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