Rumor: MacBook Air With Arm A5 Processor Reportedly Being Tested

The rumors of Apple making a migration from Intel to ARM-based processors in their laptop line-ups have once again surfaced with Japanese site Macotakara suggesting that Apple has constructed and is internally testing a MacBook Air with an A5 processor. The A5 processor is presently found in the iPad 2 and has received acclaim for its performance and low power consumption

Some rumors had circulated earlier in the month which suggested that Apple was considering moving to ARM processors in their laptops but these had been aggressively debunked by critics who suggested that move would not be in the best interests of the devices.  Issues such as debatable decreases in power consumption, operating system emulation and compatibility, as well as Intel processors likely outperforming the ARM chips in the future had been cited.

Apple is known for building many different types of prototype and test machines and while this report remains unverified, it is relatively likely that Apple has explored ARM processors in their laptop line-up.  Macotakara has also provided some correct information previously, so there may be some truth to this rumor.  However, given the issues that have already been discussed, as well as Intel’s performance in chip manufacturing, it is unlikely that Apple would be transitioning to ARM based processors in their laptops any time soon.

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