Reason For Apple Store Going Down? Apple Makes Returns Policy More Visible

The Online Apple Store went down during the night and unleashed a flurry of excitement as to what changes were in store when in reopened. Sadly for most, there were no new products made available, but we have found out that the reason that the Store went down is because Apple was making its returns policy more visible. The company added a ‘Returns’ link in the bottom corner of the Store that was not there the day before. The link takes the user to this page which describes Apple’s Return and Refund policy.

While the Returns section itself is nothing new, and while no changes were made to the text of the page, the link on the front page of the Apple Store is.   The Returns page deals with the policies that Apple has put in place for general consumers as well as education and business users to return an item that they are dissatisfied with.  As far as we can tell, these policies have not changed.

It’s unclear at this stage why Apple has chosen to make the link to their Returns Policy more visibile but it’s certainly a refreshing change from some other companies who occasionally choose to make the process of returning an item a little more complicated than your average consumer would like.

Every time the Apple Store goes down it stimulates a massive amount of interest on Twitter and this time was no different.  Speculation for the reasons for the Store going down ran from the availability of Lion, a new Mac mini, a new MacBook Air and even the launch of iWork ’11.  Sadly, these were not to be.

It’s Down….And It’s Up Again

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