New MacBook Air In June Or July; No Sign Of MacBook Or Mac Mini Updates

According to a new report, the MacBook Air will soon be receiving an update to bring it in to line with the recently released 2011 editions of the MacBook Pro and the iMac. DigiTimes is reporting that the MacBook Air will receive a spec bump in June or July of this year and will incorporate the new Intel Sandy Bridge processors and high speed Thunderbolt port that were implemented in the other Macs earlier this year.  It is unclear at the moment if any other MacBook Air components such as the battery or graphics processor will be receiving an update.

The update is rather notable because it would essentially leave the MacBook and the Mac mini out in the cold.  The new MacBook Air was only released in October of last year whereas the MacBook last received an update in May 2010 and the Mac mini in June 2010.  However, given the immense popularity of the new MacBook Air, it is hardly surprising that Apple want to keep the ball rolling and are intending to update their hot selling Airs before the less popular Mac mini and MacBook.

Previous reports have suggested that the processors in the new MacBook Air will be ultra low voltage with Intel Sandy Bridge architecture and a 1333 MHz bus.  The processors have been predicted to run at 1.4 and 1.6 GHz but with the ability to ramp up to 2.3 and 2.7 GHz respectively.  This new report unfortunately does not mention anything about these hypothesized processor speeds, but looking at the specs, if Apple were to release an Air with these chips, it would be blisteringly fast with extremely low power consumption.

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  • LarryC

    I think that Apple needs to do at least one of the following:
    Update the MacBook which has not been updated in over 390 days.Discontinue it. Which I really hope they won’t do.Lower the price. If Apple is going to continue selling the MacBook with the same technology and components as a 2.5 ~ 3.o year old laptop then they need to lower the price. A lot!