Rumor: Photo Of Next Gen iPod Nano With Camera And No Rear Clip Appears

A photo which purportedly shows the next version of the iPod nano has surfaced on (via MacRumors) and the new model appears to have lost the rear belt clip and gained a camera.  The camera sensor is reported as being 1.3 megapixel quality.  This report follows on from a previous picture reported in April which showed what appeared to be an iPod nano with a port for a camera, but the loss of the rear clip is a new piece of information.

The inclusion of a camera and removal of the clip would be a departure from what would be expected in the next generation of the iPod nano.  The clip serves a pretty useful purpose in attaching the device to clothing, especially given the size of the iPod nano itself. 

Looking at the image with a cynical eye, the camera port shown in the picture above appear to have a hexagonal rim which seems a little strange for a camera.  There also appears to be a clip shaped imprint on the device.  Could someone have removed the clip from an existing iPod nano and then drilled a hole in the housing and inserted a metal ring to claim it was a camera?  Absolutely.  Could it be the next gen iPod nano? Hmmm.


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  • Baz

    Hmmm No clip. Are we going to see a magnetic clip to follow the ipad magnetic cover trend?

    • AppleBitch

      That was my first thought but my second was that it might be too easy too lose