New Browser-Based App Store For iOS Devices Coming Soon

A new method of downloading apps outwith the App Store i.e. not authorized by Apple, will soon be coming to iOS devices via browser-based App Store which is codenamed ‘Lima’ (iPhoneDownloadBlog via MacStories).  The new app store would require users to simply browse to the store website using a jailbroken iPhone and then install the app of their choice.

While Cydia, the major App Store alternative, is still around and is wildly popular among iOS users, the Cydia Store requires jailbreaking your Apple device which can be a little too much of an issue for some people.  The primary advantage of a browser based app store would be that users could install apps that have not been approved by Apple on jailbroken devices through the Safari app.

Additionally, every time a new version of the iOS software is released, then jailbreaks tend to become obsolete as Apple plugs any security holes that are used to perform the jailbreak.  It remains to be seen if the company will be issuing any sort of update to Safari in an attempt to block the new app store.

There has not been any timetable issued for the new app store release but the Inifini Dev Team who are developing Lima will apparently be releasing it ‘soon’.  It will be interesting to see how Apple responds to this latest attempt to circumvent the official approval and installation process.


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  • Steven J Klein

    Chris writes:

    The primary advantage of a browser based app store would be that users could install apps that have not been approved by Apple without having to jailbreak their device.

    Chris, did you even read the article to which you linked? It clearly states that the web-based app store will only work on jailbroken iPhones.

    [Lima will allow] jailbroken users to just navigate to a website in Safari to get their favorite apps…

    • Chris

      You are absolutely right – I completely read that wrong. I understood it to say that Cydia installation was not necessary and therefore you wouldn’t need to jailbreak. Thanks for pointing that error out and I have corrected the article

  • The Plaid Cow

    If you disagree with the policies and procedures of the company selling the device, then please vote with your wallet and switch to a handset maker that gives you everything you want. You can then start extolling their virtues of your new, perfect device.

  • Stephane Beladaci

    I think it is also important to raise awareness regarding Apple’s scams and abuses related to mobile application and digital entertainment markets, their strategy to destroy the web by pushing HTML5 (which they do not truly support and implement themselves) in order to kick users out of the web into Apple’s walled garden taxed at 30% is outrageous! Apple’s ban of Flash is not acceptable, turning consumers and developers into collateral damages in a corporate war is not acceptable.

    I invite you to read my email sent to Steve Jobs this week in response to his “Thought on Flash” posted on Apple’s website last year:

    • Chris

      What a spectacular method of derailing an argument, Stephane. Hats off to you.

      Apple’s “scams and abuses” have led to an 83% (2010) market share in the app store distribution method. Developers know they have other options; that it isn’t a dictatorship.

      Regarding the move from flash to html5, there are well documented advantages to Apple’s chosen technology, especially on a mobile platform. Seeing as you’re a flash developer through and through, I can see why you might struggle to see this. As such, here’s a splendid article outlining both sides of the argument:

      I think it’s far too easy to look at a new technology and pull it to pieces if you work exclusively with the competing product, as it seems you do.

      Lastly, to hijack an article to push your own agenda is simply unprofessional. Someone in your position will know this.

  • Bowling Ball Butt

    I can’t wait to see thier reaction. They need to let up on their restrictions, allow other app stores. Then we could get Play Station Suite, which has classic PS1 and PS2 games. Btw, you guys should get an NGP, look it up as sony ngp. It almost made me pee myself.