Rumor: iOS 5 Now In Field Testing According To Crash Report

The next version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 5, is now apparently being field tested by the company as indicated by a report from 9to5Mac who noted that a crash report sent to a developer contained a reference to the new OS. The developer, FutureTap received the report referencing iOS 5 and the API MKUserLocationBreadCrumb, which relates to mapping and location services.

The discovery comes as no great surprise as the WWDC, where Apple is expected to give some of the first demonstrations of the iOS 5 software, is just over a month away.  Apple will likely be testing apps with the new software to examine stability and compatibility issues.  Similarly, several months ago, we and other sites started noticing OS X 10.7 showing up in site analytics, prior to any developer release of the software, indicating that Apple were testing the software in-house before release.

It is, as yet, unclear when Apple will actually be releasing iOS 5 as the WWDC will likely only offer demonstrations of the software rather than a fully fledged release.  Apple will likely wait until the rumored September launch of the next generation iPhone takes place.

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