Review And Giveaway: Wallpaper Wizard For Mac

If you are looking for a great desktop wallpaper management program that gives you access to over 100,000 free high resolution wallpapers for your Mac, then you need look no further than Wallpaper Wizard from developers Coppertino.  Wallpaper Wizard is an efficient, well designed app for Mac OS X that  allows you to manage your desktop wallpaper in a fun and easy way and using it has actually turned out to be a really cool experience.

First off, purchasing the the app from the Mac App Store, available in either a free (Wallpaper Wizard Lite) or a $6.99 full version, gives you access to more wallpapers than you could ever hope to use.  The images in the app are of excellent quality and are downloaded as you need them from an online database, meaning that 100,000 HD images don’t clog up your disk space, which is fantastic (the app itself is only 1.2MB).

The interface makes the app very easy to use.  You simply open the app and can either manually move through the images until you find one that you like or simply set the app to change the desktop image after a set period i.e. every 15 minutes.  The sheer volume of images mean you will never get bored.  You can also assign a hotkey to change images as well.  If you don’t want to flick through images then you can also use the wallpaper selection tool, which displays the images according to category like Art or Nature.  You can simply use the tool to activate certain groups of images.  The app also includes social networking features to share images and enables you to upload your own images for use on your desktop, which is a nice touch.

A few days ago, I reviewed another app for the Mac called Boom which is like Wallpaper Wizard in many ways.  The beauty of the Mac App Store is that it enables you find apps that perform a pretty simply function, but that are so well implemented and designed, that it makes you happy to be a Mac user.  Wallpaper Wizard is one of those apps.  It it is simple and elegant, and yet very powerful, as it opens up your desktop to such a massive collection of images.  Try the free version and see if you like it, but I would suggest that the full version is well worth the $6.99 cost as it represents excellent value for the massive amount of content that you get.

The happy, happy, joy, joy news for AppleBitch readers is that, once again, we have five copies of the full version of Wallpaper Wizard to give away, courtesy of Coppertino.  To win, all you have to do is make sure that you are following us on Twitter, before 3pm EST on Tuesday, April 26 2011.  Five winners will be selected to receive the code.  E-mails won’t work.  We don’t want ‘em.  Best of luck to you all.

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