Rumor: Video Apparently Showing iOS 5 On White 64GB iPhone 4 Appears (Updated)

A new video has surfaced on a Vietnamese site,, which is claiming to show a white iPhone 4 running an early build of the iOS 5 operating system (via Engadget).  The video shows a white iPhone that is similar in design to the current iPhone 4, but running a version of iOS that is noticably different from the current version. In addition, the device itself shows small changes in design from the current iPhone 4.

There is no way of verifying the authenticity of this video and it could very well be a fake but given the gravity of what it shows, it certainly looks like a genuine Apple prototype leak. The XXGB on the rear of the device suggests that it is not a production model, rather a prototype that has somehow gotten out of the Apple campus. However, this could simply be a black iPhone 4 with a white case replacement installed running a jailbroken version of iOS 4 with a customer User Interface installed. 

The new UI appears to show snapshots of open app windows in for multitasking, rather than the app icon as it does now.  Additionally, the site is showing pictures that suggest the storage capacity of the new device is 64GB. Could this be the killer way in which Apple will encourage sales of a white iPhone 4 this late in the release cycle?

However, in the absence of any iOS 5 details released from Apple, you have to make your own call on the veracity of the video.

Update: It is now being suggested that this is a white iPhone 4, not an iPhone 5, but another video spotted by 9to5Mac provides more detail on the features of the iOS that is shown running on the device which may or may not be an early test build of iOS 4.


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  • Rango98

    The voice recording app icon is old. Doubt that even a development os would have an out dated icon.

    • cv

      Why not? iOS 4.3.x for the iPhone and iPod touch has the Voice Recording app, yet iOS 4.3.x for the iPad does not. Same with the Calculator and Clock apps.

      If it works, it probably stays in the code tree.

      • Rango98

        I meant the image used for the icon is outdated. Starting with iOS 4.0 the image used is a blue button with white mic. This video has the old red/black with sliver/black colored mic.

  • Robert

    Sorry, that is not a white iPhone because it is not an iPhone at all. Clever fake.

    When he flips it over at .20, notice the weird rim. That would never come out of Cupertino. That’s not Jonathan Ive or Steve Jobs design. Its cheap looking. If it were Apple there’d be no raised rim around the edge like that. And the same raised rim on the front and on the home button (1.30), it’s fake. I notice some weird Developer settings in the Settings section. I do mobile Web app development. These guys just copied the graphics.

    At 1.35 look at the settings. They’re not correct for iOS at all. Apple uses “grouped” tableviews. That uses the “edge-to-edge” style. The correct sequence of items is: About, Usage, Network, Bluetooth, Spotlight Search, Auto-Lock, Passcode Lock, Restrictions, etc.
    He has: Network, Line (What the heck is Line???), Songs, Videos, Photos, Applications, Capacity, Available. This is no prototype, this is fake!!!

    Notice when the guy goes to the app launcher. The transition is all wrong and the apps are elongated rectangles instead of rounded cornered square icons as on the iPhone. Also when he swipes screens the transition works slightly differently from the iPhone. It’s a very, very clever fake.

    As I said, I do mobile development and this is a fake.

  • cv

    One likely explanation is that this a prototype unit that never made it into the market running a beta version of iOS 4 with features that were scrapped from the released version.

    We know that Apple prototypes many different features both in hardware and in software and not everything will be included in the released version. Apple will drop functionality due to cost and/or performance considerations.