Apple Focus On User Help With ‘Apple Support Communities’

Apple has taken more steps towards improving consumer support for their products by relaunching the Apple Discussion Boards under a new revamped service called Apple Support Communities (via MacStories). The new service allows users to obtain support and answers to questions from other Apple users from around the world in a much more simple to use format.  The new service also encourages users to answer questions posed to the community by other users.

The organisation of the new support services now splits individual Apple products into ‘communities’ and within these communities are tiered discussion forums that allows users to post responses to particular questions or discussion topics, although this is subject to Apple’s etiquette policy.

One of the most useful aspects of the revamp are the integrated social networking and notification features which offers notifications when your post is replied to, but also enables users to customize their online community profile with avatars, and keeping track of responses via e-mail notification.  Users simply input their Apple ID to sign in to the community, removing the need for registration forms. 

Users who follow the Community etiquette policy and provide correct answers to questions can earn Reputation Points which accumulate to increase Status Level from 1 to 10.  This apparently unlocks privileges although strangely, Apple doesn’t detail what these are.  We are assuming it’s a little more than being able to brag about being at Level 10 to all your mates.

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