Rumor: White iPhone 4 Within Weeks; iPhone 5 In Fall Likely

A new rumor from Bloomberg is suggesting that Apple is on the cusp of releasing the long awaited and long delayed white iPhone 4 and that the device is likely to make an appearance by the end of April (this year). The reports points towards a number of problems that contributed to the delay, specifically mentioning issues with paint that peeled under heat.  The rumor comes hot on the heels of a tweet from Apple’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Phil Schiller, which confirmed that the white iPhone 4 would be launching this Spring.

Now that Apple is apparently ready, and very willing, to launch the white iPhone 4, this provides further indication that the iPhone 4 demand remains high and that the company is potentially happier with a Fall launch of the iPhone 5, rather than an earlier expected release of the device at the WWDC event in June.  The white iPhone 4 will apparently be available on both the Verizon and AT&T networks in the US, but Bloomberg doesn’t give any indication of when an international release would take place.

Many people will be questioning the timing of this release and whether the white iPhone 4 would sell at all, especially given that the iPhone 5 is due to launch later this year.  Given that all indications at the moment are suggesting that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5 in Fall then it is almost half a year to wait for those on the fence.  To be honest, the white iPhone 4 looks pretty sweet and I wouldn’t be surprised if it sells with the same vigor as most Apple products.


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  • garrett

    OF COURSE IT’LL SELL, PEOPLE BOUGHT THE VERIZON iPhone DIDNT THEY, with only a new iPhone expected to be released this summer they bought it, it was like the best verizon launch in history ? people will buy it. no doubt.

  • cv

    Only a fool would doubt this would sell. Apple sells the current model regardless of when the next model is expected to release:

    My guess is that Apple will sell 16-18 million iPhones in the quarter before the iPhone 5 is released. Soon those people will have a color choice. The gross margin should be the same.