More Support For iPhone 5 This September

Following on from the rumor yesterday that the iPhone 5 would be going into production in September of this year, John Paczkowski from AllThingsD is reporting that he is now hearing rumblings of a dedicated event in September where Apple would choose to introduce the iPhone 5. While no sources are being cited for this new report, the AllThingsD track record for accuracy would tend to lend support for a Fall launch of the new iPhone device.

The report makes mention of the iPod line-up needing a bit of spice, with a new iPhone 5 providing the excitement necessary to make the event a success rather than Apple simply offering iPod updates.  The September launch would also enable Apple to take advantage of the holiday shopping period rather than waiting until 2012 as was speculated yesterday.

Given that many Apple consumers will be approaching the end of their two year contracts before the new iPhone is launched it will be interesting to see if Apple offers some sort of refund or deal to consumers who renewed or took out a new contract between the previously used June launch period and the projected September launch of the iPhone 5.  A similar offer was made when the iPhone 3G was launched months after the original iPhone as long as customers signed a new contract.  Will the same be offered if the September launch should come true?

Pushing the launch date to Fall also gives Apple a little more opportunity to take advantage of a new technology that many have been waiting to use…4G.  Given previous reports about a September launch, is a 4G iPhone 5 now back on the menu?

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  • rwahrens

    Unlikely. Apple hasn’t used an event to introduce iPods for several years now, except for nanos at other events primarily for other products.

    Steve likes to showcase the iPhone at WWDC, since it gives him a platform for his primary products. I see no particularly compelling reasons to delay the iPhone launch.

  • miguel

    apple iphone 5 rumors have been all over the place. from june until after the first of the year. I am guessing the late june to sept time frame makes the most sense. No one really know, Steve Jobs isn’t talking