Component Manufacturers Suggest iPad 3 Will Not Be Seen This Year

With a report that appears to back up much of the informed opinion regarding the release date of the iPad 3, DigiTimes is suggesting that the iPad 3 will not be making an appearance in 2011. According to sources from component manufacturers, there have been no indications that Apple will be requiring any components that would enable construction of an iPad 3 this year.  The report specifically points to the lack of orders of a Retina Display iPad sized screen.

The report contradicts a rumor that has been floating around for a while suggesting that the iPad 3 would make an appearance at a Fall event only six or seven months after the launch of the iPad 2.  Given the immediate success and forecasted long term demand for the iPad 2, this seemed to be an extremely unlikely prediction. 

As we reported back in February, the story initially stemmed from articles published by two separate sources; John Gruber of Daring Fireball and TechCrunch.  While neither source actually came out and said that the iPad 3 would definitely be launched in the Fall, the coverage blew out of proportion and, as a result, the prediction that an iPad 3 would appear later in the year almost became the gospel truth.  Apple obviously took note of those rumors and threw their weight behind the launch of the iPad 2, making it very clear at the launch of the device that 2011 was the year of the iPad 2.

When we initially reported the rumor, we were very skeptical from the outset as it simply doesn’t make any sense whatsoever for Apple to release an iPad 3 so soon after the iPad 2 and even more so now with the unprecedented demand for the second generation device.  Apple will no doubt have a long list of features for implementation in the iPad 3 that preclude such an early launch.

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