Is Apple Renewing Focus On Gaming?

New reports are suggesting that Apple has poached a couple of PR executives from major gaming companies Activision and Nintendo.  The report comes from MCV via MacNN and indicates that the two executives, Nick Grange from Activision and Rob Saunders from Nintendo were poached by Apple and are expected to start at the company soon.

This report joins mounting evidence that Apple is really refocusing their efforts on promoting gaming on iOS devices and on the Mac.  The Mac platform has traditionally underperformed in the gaming market with many titles taking years to reach OS X after being released on consoles and on Windows PCs.  However, with companies like Valve putting their faith in Apple products with the launch of Steam, we may be starting to see a change in the tide.

The unparalled success of iOS and Mac hardware means that games for Apple devices could reach more people than ever before.  This, combined with the huge popularity of the iOS and Mac App Stores, means that games manufacturers are starting to look at the platform more seriously than ever before.

With the news that Apple has poached these two PR executives with great expertise in gaming public relations, it appears as if Apple is keenly aware of this rising popularity and is seeking to enhance it by controlling the flow of information and marketing from in-house sources.

Many experts have hypothesized that the next generation Apple TV would have a strong gaming component and that the iPad 2 could be used to integrate with the device, perhaps as a controller or via another method. If so, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft will be bricking it a little more than normal.


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