Rumor: iPod Nano To Get A Camera (Again)

A part that is rumored to be from the as-yet-unreleased seventh generation iPod nano suggests that the device will regain its the camera that it lost when Apple dramatically shrank it last year. The part, discovered by (via 9to5Mac) appears to be of the same shape as the current generation iPod nano but with the simple addition of a space for a camera.

Last year, Apple reduced the size and changed the shape of the iPod nano and introduced an iOS style multi-touch control screen.  The capacity of the new generation maxed out at 16GB, but the ‘nano’ also included an FM radio.  Apple appeared to drop the camera from the previous generation in favor of the other features but apparently is looking to get back to the cam (much like back to the Mac, eh?).  The question is, is this really a good idea?

The previous generation of iPod nano was fairly easily to hold and shoot pics with but the newer, square shaped iPod nano may be a little awkward to position for pictures, similar to the iPad 2.  Neither model seems designed for comfortable photography.  However, the advantage that the iPad 2 has is FaceTime.  Unless this is somehow implemented in the iPad nano (along with Wi-Fi), which would be a feat of engineering in itself, then a camera in the iPod nano just seems a little odd.

To be honest, I’d much rather see an increased storage capacity in the iPod nano.  If Apple can shrink the internal components enough to incorporate a camera, then surely increased storage isn’t out of the question?

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  • Dumble-Dore

    I think someone took that photo upside down…. 94 makes more sense than h6.

  • Prof. Peabody

    It would be fabulous to have an camera on the nano if it was (through some miracle), able to shoot out the front. The back … not so much.

    It kind of ruins the clip idea, and you have to take it off and turn it around to take any pictures. It would be cool in that it would be like those tiny “spy cameras” they used to sell to kids in the back of comic books along with the x-ray specs. Fun idea.

  • Dumble~Dore

    …not being able to play games or watch movies on the nano 6? May I explain for Mr. Jobs, DANG, PEOPLE!!!! ITS THE SIZE OF A STINKIN GRAPE, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!?! YOU CANT EVEN DROP A TURD THATS THAT SMALL, HENCE THE NAME NANO, NOT SUPER-MAN. Really though guys, its the size of a peanut. Well, a square and flat peanut. But thats not the point, the point is that apple made another amazing product for another amazing price. (lol, my wallet doesnt exactly agree with they’re pricing methods though)

  • Dumble~Dore

    Wouldnt it be easier to just make a ipod touch mini? If the nano somehow got wi-fi and a camera, wouldnt that be a touch mini? Or possibly a touch nano? And wouldnt that up the price significantly, or severly cut into ipod touch sales? I think the new one will be slightly bigger, camera, and diffinitly no wi-fi. So, no wi-fi, but what about blu-tooth? Wouldnt that be sweet if you could upload songs, photos and movies wireless? Which leads me to my next point, WHAT THE CRAP APPLE!!! How do you explain….