New Rumor Lends Support To Apple Relaunching MobileMe With Free Storage

Another rumor regarding the potential relaunch of MobileMe has appeared, this time via iLounge, who is suggesting that Apple will be releasing the new MobileMe in April.  The report is based on a source who works at an educational institution and who was apparently told by Apple that the new MobileMe would be fully supported by Apple for the first year.

The report also says that those MobileMe consumers who recently purchased another year of the existing service would see support for a further year.  The current version of MobileMe would therefore cease to exist at that time.  The news lends futher credibility to a rumor that appeared last week from a German language site which stated that Apple would be holding an event between 4th – 17th April to introduce the new MobileMe and give a preview of iOS 5.

iOS 5 is expected to launch alongside the new iPhone 5 at the WWDC between the 5th – 9th June.  The new operating system is anticipated to have significant cloud storage integration and functionality, indicating that Apple would have to place iOS 5 and MobileMe on relatively parallel development schedules.  A joint event in April therefore sounds like a believable idea.

One of the primary limitations of iOS devices is that users have traditionally not been able to access a hierarchical file system which would easily store, organize and transport files on their iPhone or iPad straight out the box.  There are apps available which could add this functionality but cloud storage of data would largely negate this need and allow access anywhere. 

Apple may also elect to implement tight cloud storage integration in iOS devices rather than increasing onboard storage, reducing the cost of the device production and freeing up more space for other functionality, such as NFC.

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