Apple Stores To Open Early On Tuesday For iPad Sales (Updated)

We’ve received reports this morning that Apple will be opening Retail Stores one hour early tomorrow for iPad sales. While no official announcement has been forthcoming from Apple, anecdotal reports from shoppers across the country trying get an iPad 2 this morning, say they were told by retail staff that even if the Apple Stores were re-stocked today, the iPad 2 would not be sold until tomorrow and for this reason, the Stores would open early for dedicated iPad 2 sales.  We have confirmed this with three retail stores.

For many stores this would mean a 9am opening time. It is likely that Apple is coordinating the sales this way so that they can manage crowd control rather than first-come first-served at various times today.  Additionally, more media coverage of a second bout of queued shoppers for the iPad 2 won’t hurt publicity.

There is no word yet if any Apple Stores have received shipments today but post in the comments if you hear anything.

Thanks to all the folk who tipped us.

Update: One of the stores that we spoke to earlier has changed their tune a little and are now saying they don’t know if they’ll receive a shipment today.  However, the other two are still opening early.  Other readers have now e-mailed to say their local store is opening an hour early so it is worth calling your local store to check if they are one of the ones that will be opening ahead of normal time.  We’ll update as soon as we hear anything else.

Update 2: We are receiving emails this morning saying that many stores are opening early but didn’t get the shipments they expected. We will post more as soon as we know.

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  • Stardust

    8:00 AM Manhattan Village in Manhattan Beach, CA. I was first in line when the sales rep came out and said no iPads, “If we receive any, we will sell them tomorrow morning.” Will be there bright and early tomorrow again…

    • Robert Harris

      Did it work? If so what time did you go?

  • Bill

    This is getting more and more ridiculous at every passing minute. I was at the University Ave Apple Store in Palo Alto. This is Apple’s flagship store for Silicon Valley. So, one would think they would have a handle on the situation but to no avail.

    I arrived at the Apple store at 6:30am Tuesday morning as I was told by two different Apple Store employees the day earlier (Monday) that they would receive a shipment and have them on sale Tuesday and to line up early.

    I showed up and there were two others there as well, the cleaning crew was inside as well as some guy using the high speed sidewalk sprayer making everything all pretty and sterile. The three of us stood at the glass door when a Red shirted guy (Looked like some sort of security) and he had a tude as well. He walks out and says what do you guys want?

    I looked at him and explained that the Blue shirted store employees are telling us to come back and wait for an iPad 2. He said that the Fed Ex plane was an hour behind schedule and that there were no deliveries or going to be deliveries for Tuesday. He said he already sent away the 100 people in line before I got there.
    And he said you need to leave. I was thinking what a jerk…

    I called before the Palo Alto Store closed Tuesday eve. The gal that answered the phone said they did not receive any in yet and that if they did in the morning the store would open at 9:00am if not then the store would open at 10. Funny thing is that Fed Ex is not going to deliver that early, infect the deliveries are between 10-10:30am which means Thursday is the day to wait in line early. But I digress…

    I used to support Steve back in the 90’s, I am a Apple certified tech and used to really like Apple and the way things were back in the day. Now what a joke. I am still a Apple fan but I am losing interest quickly. The way this is being handled is insulting to the customers and the Store employees for the most part are being told to explain a scripted response and then you get some that will add their own twist to that response, which leaves those of us waiting in line and being told to come back wanting more, when all said and done it’s actually the opposite it’s really pissing people off.

  • Barb L

    I’m sorry I want this iPad 2 product; this launch has been so inconvenient and time consuming from the beginning last Friday and now I’m reading that there are WIFI connection issues— whatever that means!!!

  • Eddiemom

    I called the Houston store at 10 and they didn’t have any. She suggested I call back at noon. When I called at noon another person told me that the shipment came in, they were sold out and that there had been a line since early morning. The first person should have told me there was a line. This whole episode/rollout/launch is very bad form from apple. If there was a decent competitor I think I’d switch; but there isn’t. So, I went to best buy, laid my $100 down and ordered one. They will call when the shipment arrives. He thought it would be in a couple of days. Beats the 5 weeks if you order online through apple.

  • Kevin

    This is getting ridiculous. I’ll wait a week longer. No sense in killing myself over an ipad.

  • Matt

    Neither Palo Alto nor Stanford (CA) had any, they said maybe tomorrow. Disappointing once again…

    • Chris

      None of the San Jose, CA stores have any either, but they are opening early for the next couple of weeks acording to the clerk I spoke with.

  • Jordan

    No iPad 2’s at the Chestnut Street Apple Store in San Francisco either; also did not open early except for personal assistant meetings.

  • Marty

    Monterey, CA (Del Monte Shopping Center) was telling customers on Monday that iPads would be here today and that they were opening early specifically to sell them. Poor Apple sales person had to come out and inform the line that they never received the shipment- and that we’d have to wait until tomorrow to try again… This is a terrible way for Apple to be running this launch. I can’t be the only consumer left with a bad taste in their mouth… What is really stupid to me is that if they actually get iPads shipped to them today, they won’t sell them until tomorrow morning… They said they’re opening at 9am again tomorrow… Back in line I go… I felt bad for the two guys who spent the night camped in front of the store – I showed up around 7am and was maybe 15th in line… Come on Apple, get it together!!!

  • Kathy

    Waited in a very long line at Rancho Cucamonga, Ca store this AM. No iPads in stock. If any they get any in will be sold the next day. This was a bad rumor! Even the manager said don’t kill the messenger.

    • Amit

      Was at the Glendale Galleria Apple Store and second in Line!
      They came out at 9 and said they “will not be selling iPads” as they have none in stock.

  • Kate

    I was at King of Prussia pretty early, like 8. No iPads. They said they have no idea if more will coming to their store. Scripted response. Waited until 12 then left. He encouraged people to order online.

  • Kuma

    Apple Stores always open early for appointments. Any reputable Apple blog should know this and not report info as some scoop. Failure of the rumor mill yet again.

  • KRob

    I contacted 2 stores in the Denver Metro area and both stores said they did not receive any shipments this morning, but that they could receive a shipment anytime between 7am and 7pm today. Such a bad way to do business.

  • Bill

    Well Pittsburgh area stores lied, pretty much. The one store that was set for 9am open changed to 10am, and said they did not have any (south hills) and Shadyside did open at 9am and said they would not have any. Ross Park Mall DID get them (or already had them) and had 16 total, but I was just a few mins late. South Hills said try calling at 10am tomorrow.

  • d

    2 apple store in houston sold out this am! I missed it again so now I’m wondering when next shipment will be.

  • JJ

    What a company, what a lousy way to do business.

    • Brent Disney

      Agreed, my store didn’t get any either. The fact that they are “schocked” about the demand is crazy. It’s been 4 years of iPhones and iPad was huge last year. Just hold for a date when you can have a healthy stock in store to get it to the people. I don’t believe these things go bad and spoil. I’m just giving up for a month and wait till I can just walk in and purchase a product like a normal business would do.

  • JoshM

    Irvine, Ca (Spectrum) store did not get any today. Was about 20th in line and other had been there since 4 am. Employee came out at 7am and told everyone that their shipments come in at night and they did not get any.

    Hearing the same story from the Mission Viejo store as well.

  • Marco

    I bought two

    • Guy

      Glad u waited now can I have one thank you.

  • Vidd

    Plano TX WillowBend Did not get any today.

    • gilligan

      wonder if Frisco got any. Doubt it.

  • Ipad2 grove 3 only

    I’m really sad Here at grove in Los Angeles was here on sat also today march 15 I waited since 7 am was 13 in line at 8 thy came out. Said they had only for first three people 200 people freaked out then left now line forms again now 200 deep at 8:42 am I can only hope a fed ex w come at 10 or 11 am w ipad2 indent want to give up days wasted

  • Phil

    Bethesda, MD did open early but did not have any new iPads. Same story as many of the above comments – check back tomorrow, they could get more any day. I think it’s time to get my priorities straight and stop worrying about this for a while.

  • C Los

    I was in line at the SoHo Store by 10am. An employee came outside and said all they had left were the Verizon White Ones. Jumped on the Subway to the Upper West Side outlet and they still had a line (indoors) but the security guard told me they would be sold out and that they actually received them last night. Called Staten Island Store and they said they did not receive any today.

  • AJ

    At Pasadena, CA Apple store. Just saw FedEx shipment come in the back. Only 5 iPads came in the shipment!

    • Mellie

      AJ! I was at the Pasadena store today and they said they had received no shipments today! So you saw the shipment arrive and they sold them immediately? Or are they waiting til tomorrow morning? Those liars!!!!!!!!

  • Ray

    Just left the grove in la. They came out and said they had only enough for the first 3 people. Odd.

  • Sally Phillips Helling

    I was told on Mon Ridgedale store (Minneapolis) would open at 9. At 8 a.m. mgr opened doors, said they had NO iPad2s, would open at 10. Might be shipment later today, does not know. Passed out cards w/store ph#. Can call to see if they have them, can drive over, still can’t reserve. This SOP is expected to continue…

  • Jeremy K.

    I showed up at 8:45 at the Cambridge, MA store in hopes that I’d be in line for an iPad 2 and noticed that there wasn’t a line as I arrived. Even though the store wasn’t open for another 15 minutes an Apple employee approached me and broke the news to me: they hadn’t received anything. I tried calling a few stores in and around Boston since and as far as I know, as of right now, they still haven’t received any stock

  • Mark

    Tampa-Brandon – just got one but they ran out fast. No AT&T models available.

  • MJB

    Lynnwood WA, store says they are out of stock. Even though they are opening at 9 AM, it has no relation to Ipad2.

    • Matt

      i’ve seen “people were waiting….apple guy said no stock yet”
      but the only thing to verify this is a rumor or not is —-is there anybody already getting one today?

  • Marco

    Still waiting outside manhasset
    Although they told us they don’t have ipad2
    But I still believe the rumor

  • Jhony

    I was at the apple store @ Soho this morning. I got there at 9am and the line was already massively long. The guy told me that the likely hood of me getting one was slim to none so that’s when I hopped on to the 14th store. Same story there. They did receive a new shipment but will sell out quickly. To have a chance to get the iPad 2, you need to be on the line at 8am

  • rob c

    called apple store la cantera-san antonio texas and ‘no ipad’s were received today’ was what i was told.

    currently calling apple-north star mall…….7 callers ahead of me…… go figure….

    *drum roll*

    and they are waiting for some, just need to call back…… ugh!!!!!

  • t

    i called all 4 NYC stores this morning. Soho, 14th Street and Upper West all told me that they had received shipments but the stock was limited. The girl that answered from the Soho store was so nice that she actually asked me what model i was looking for (to give me a sense of if it was worth it to wait online). Fifth avenue said they had no stock, but I saw a huge line as I was coming into work this morning (i work near the store). I asked an employee and he confirmed that they did, in fact, have ipads available. The line is an insane as the original launch day line though, so I think I will pass.

  • baller

    I just went to the Apple Shadyside Store in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They were open an hour early. I was there at about 9:05am, they didn’t get any yesterday and thus none will be sold today. They told us to call back tomorrow at 7am to check back. If they have them, they’ll be open tomorrow at 9am.

  • Marco

    Idk what should I do? Am I continue to wait here ? They didn’t promise the truck is coming

    • Guy

      I’d at least wait till 10…

      • Guy

        Or 1030.. Lol I say this cuz last year they came between 10 & 1030… Let us know..

  • Jim F

    Over 40 people online this morning in B’ham, AL Apple store. Inventory manager finally comes out and says “Sorry folks, we have no iPad2s today. We’ll be opening again tomorrow an hour early… blah blah blah.” Someone online told him he was assured yesterday that they’d have stock today. waste of time, just as I figured. Was worth a shot. I’m over it. Ridiculous.

  • Sam

    Willowbend Store just opened. Apple guy came out and said none in stock “yet” but waiting on a delivery truck this morning. 

    • gilligan

      Was there a long line @ Willowbend?

  • Adam Smith

    Called my store and said they expected a shipment today but didn’t receive it. The guy actually sounded disappointed that they didn’t get them today. Also, he said he didn’t know if they were getting it tomorrow either.

  • Sam

    Here at Willowbend Apple store in Plano. Nothing has been confirmed but there are approx. 30 people in line for something…hmm.

  • Michael

    Went to Roosevelt Fields Mall in Garden City, NY at 8am. They were open but had no new inventory.

  • Adrian

    Went to 3 different apple stores this morning. Employees at all of them have said that they will not have iPad 2’s today, but are all opening early. Order onlIne for “fast” shipping. By the time my iPad gets here, a newer one will be out. I’ll have to see if iPad 2 will blend.

  • dave

    went to store was open at 8 always opens at 10, but they had no ipads. >:(

  • kevin

    I stopped by the Apple Store in Union Square, San Francisco. All sold out thru Monday, however they are opening early at 9am on Tuesday, March 15th because they will have their restock ready to sell of Ipad 2s. This is their flagship store, so maybe thats why this store and not many others. If you haven’t been to this one, this is the one that is in all the news photos and is two stories high. I’m debating to go, this place becomes really crazy.

    • jg

      Was at SF Union Sq this morning from 6am, about 50th in line.
      When the tickets were passed out at 830am, the line was around the corner and way up O’Farrell…
      and they ran out of tickets about 5 people in front of me.

      But they said we’d be welcome to line up again tomorrow morning.

  • Anthony J

    The Apple Stores in San Francisco are all saying they will open at 9am for ‘iPad 2 sales’….

  • me

    You people do realize that the one to one queue opens at 8am at most stores, and mobile genius bar appointments start at 9am at many stores?

    They are far from “making people come in early”. Use your heads.

  • Jeff

    Well then everyone answering these phones are as confused on the story as we are.

  • Apple Fanboy

    I called Apple Store Green Hills and they confirmed that they will be opening at 9 a.m. This is an hour earlier than their listed time on Apple’s website. They also said they sold out within an hour today so I will be getting there early and waiting.

  • Jeff

    I attempted to call but that location closes early and never got to physically speak to anyone, so I check that one off because I wasn’t sure, cherry hill and Ardmore told me they would open at 10 and are sold out. And like my last post king of Prussia confirmed a 9am opening but seemed to be reading a corporate memo stating, ” but we have yet to receive any shipments of ipad2.” he could have had his feet propped up on a stack of em and would still read the memo verbatim. However I’ll be in line or at the mall by 7. I just can’t wait a month, but I have a safety catch (online order) if all else fails.

  • Jeff

    For the people who commented about the Philadelphia area stores, the only one in the immediate area is the king of Prussia store. They confirmed a 9am opening and mentioned “but we have yet to receive any ipad2.” sounds like a scripted response. I’ll wait in line and If I happen to get one I’ll cancel my online order.

    • PK

      There’s an Apple Store in Center City on Walnut Street. They said that they will not open early tomorrow. However, one of the store employees seemed confident that iPad 2s will be available tomorrow morning.

      • Jack

        I stopped by the Walnut Street Store this morning. They said ‘we don’t have any new iPads, at least not yet. But you’re welcome to wait in line.’ They weren’t opening early – so I’m wondering if that’s their way of letting you know they have them and will open at regular time? Why else would they tell you you can wait in line?

        • Joe

          I called the Walnut Street store (Philadelphia) and they said they had no Ipad2s in yet but I can try back later. But why would they answer the phone @ 9:30am when they open at 10?

    • George

      I called the KOP store and they stated that they are not opening early. They open @ 10 AM.

  • PungRung

    lol, I am sure the Apple Store employees are thrilled about it, NOT.

  • Shula

    Called my local Apple store (Palm Desert, CA). They are not opening early on Tuesday.

  • DSN

    I called the Apple Stores in Bethesda and Montgomery Mall (both in Maryland), and was told that they will *not* be opening early.

    • Paul

      Columbia Mall in MD opened early and sold their inventory already with in an hour. Frustrating that these stores are so secretive about their inventories. Be nice if there was some central website that could display all of the ipad2 at authorized vendors.

  • Tony

    Nothing except maybe food, water or medical supplies are worth waiting in long lines. Especially not an iPad or iPhone or any other Apple product.

    • Marco

      Oh, uh, yeah Tony … um … screw you!

      • Tony

        Good retort Nimrod,now drink some Apple Juice and stand in line at your local Apple store. I didn’t say I didn’t like the product, I have an iPad and iPhones. I just don’t believe in waiting in long lines for a piece of electronic equipment., twit.

  • Bill

    Hi. Regarding Pittsburgh, Pa area Apple Stores, I was at South Hills Village this morning and they said they don’t receive shipments on Mondays. I called Shadyside and Ross Park Mall. Shadyside never answered and Ross Park spilled her guts telling me they open at 9am Tuesday and I should expect a line. I only called to ask if they had orange smart covers, which are no where to be found. All other colors are here, even wal-mart. So I called south hills back and the guy said 9am as well, no guarantee of course but he said it’d be worth going if I am looking for an ipad2

  • Sam

    just called the Apple Store in Short Hills and they said that they’ll be opening at regular time, they’re currently sold out of iPads, and they don’t know when the next shipment is because they don’t get advance notice. Looks like I won’t be skipping morning classes after all.

  • Free App of the Day

    Just called all 5 Apple stores in the Denver Metro area…Park Meadows and Boulder stores are both planning on opening early, though both stated that they did not received any iPad 2’s today / yet. They will open at 9AM instead of 10AM and allow customers to stand in line for an iPad 2 but they have no guarantee that they will receive any.

  • Aj

    I called the Apple store in SoHo and W 14th street in NY with no luck!

    They both said that they had no clue as to when they will be receiving any new stock. The one time I want an Apple product, I can’t seem to get my hands on it…guess will have to play the waiting game like everybody else!

  • Steve

    Sorry to those who ordered online, but Apple doesn’t owe you anything, other than to deliver at the time they said they would. If they tell you 3-4 weeks, and you accepted it, that is the deal you made, in order to save the ‘inconvenience’ of going to a store, and possibly waiting in line, possibly in vain. Those who ARE willing to bear this inconvenience may reap a reward, and they are entitled to it.
    If Apple were to stop all retail sales until the online ones were filled, that would be a HUGE marketing disaster. Remember, they are at Walmart, Target, Best Buy as well as Apple stores. How would those retail partners feel?
    You will get your Ipad when Apple promised you, just relax and enjoy the fact that you are not one of the lemmings swarming for the retail stores. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    • CallMeMatt

      I don’t get the hostility either…

      If you want it earlier, go to the store and try to get one. If you succeed, then cancel your online order. If you fail, then you’ve lost some time. It’s up to you to place a value on your time!

      No one’s forcing you to go iPad-hunting, but you do have that option if you prefer it!

  • eddiemon

    I spoke with my local store today. They are opening at 10 and said they get their shipments around 12. The girl recommened call them at noon to see if they have stock. They seemed to not know much. I’m with the rest of you in that ordering online should not take 3, 4 or 5 weeks. Bad planning on their part.

  • MYJ

    The West 14th store in NYC is opening at the regular time; no new iPads in stock yet. Le sigh.

    • Rick

      I was in that line too this morning!

  • Andrew

    Bay Street, Emeryville (CA) is opening at the regular time and is currently out of stock on iPad 2s.

    • Kate

      Bay St Emeryville still out of stock as of 3/15 10:15am PT

  • maaubel

    They’re gonna make Europe wait to please the Americans. In other words they’re gonna use Europe’s stocks of iPad 2’s to sell in the US an A… That’s my guess…

    • JohnB

      That sure makes sense to me! My delivery date is April 14th! Yuk…

    • Tzarpo

      They may delay European delivery to complete prior orders. When products come to the US from other countries I expect them to take care of the home country first. It’s a reasonable concept. It works both ways.

  • TJ

    No luck here in Lex, KY – called and they didn’t have a clue – said the store will open at the normal time of 10 am

    • gr

      called lex ky store and they said even if they received a shipment on tuesday during day, they will hold it until Wed am when they open

  • Bill

    I just called Manhasset NY they open 9 AM.

  • Knox Bronson

    Well, I know a couple people who work in Apple stores. They really don’t know if there will be any iPad 2s tomorrow. Apple is a funny company. Fanboy here. But still … :)

  • R. Chun

    Both Apple Stores in my suburban NY area are opening @ 9 am tomorrow. Naturally, no confirmation from staff whether they’ll have iPads or not.

  • David Ferleger

    Called Apple Store in Ardmore PA — Not opening early tomorrow. It is ‘all rumors’ — And they have no idea when they might get more iPads. Staff are not told in advance. Not opening early to sell iPads tomorrow

  • Alex

    The Philadelphia store said they hadn’t heard anything about shipments and theyre opening at 10, not 9

  • Jim F

    Called my local Apple store. Same story. Opening an hour early tomorrow. Not guaranteeing any iPad 2 stock…. “But you’re opening an hour earlier”, I asked. Yes. lol.

  • jlo

    Sooo someone that just shows up at a store on tuesday morning may buy a device but one i ordered friday morning is not shipping until early next month? WTF

    I sort of understand the logic of those people who want to camp out for day 1 devices beating my pre-order from earlier that day, however restocking the stores before sending devices to people who’ve already ordered them seems wrong

    • Rob Reuss

      yeah, agree – in the same boat. i placed the order knowing that i would continue to seek a device, and may show up tomorrow at my store if they turn out to be opening early. but that said, it seems of dubious fairness for apple to do this, and i question if it isn’t part of a general strategy to use lines at their retail stores to generate press at the expense of fairness.

      • JohnB

        I agree with your thinking about a marketing strategy…

    • carlo

      Agreed. I waited in line and didn’t get one before I ordered online. Now they’re going to casually demonstrate that my online order is somehow not a real purchase? If they’re delivering more to the stores to sell, it seems to me they’re selling iPads they’ve already sold and not delivered.

  • Jeff G

    Why don’t the stores just tweet updates instead of driving everyone crazy?
    Actually, they are prob’ly going more crazy than us with hundreds of calls about stock…

    • AppleBitch

      They may wish to go back to online reservations for the iPhone 5 launch if demand is going to be just as high as it has been with the iPad 2

    • Chris W.

      Because someone who comes in to a store to buy an iPad, even if they’re sold out, is infinitely more likely to still buy something else (like, say, a cover for it or the HDMI adapter or those nice Skullcandy earbuds) than someone who’s sitting on the couch.

  • Jim T

    I just contacted our store and they confirmed they would be open at 9AM for iPad 2 sales “if there are any”. I asked if they were expecting a shipment and he said “I have no idea”. I gave up at that point. It was obvious no more info would be forthcoming.

    I’m glad to know they are calling everyone in to work an hour early just to sell iPads that they may not have :-)

    • Tim

      Not to mentioning that they’ll have a quite large, tired and angry mob of people surrounding their store if there aren’t any ipads in stock.