Rumor: iPhone 5 Technical Images Appear; Bigger Screen Size

New images posted online by iDealsChina are apparently showing technical drawings of the upcoming iPhone 5, expected to be introduced at the WWDC to be held in June this year. The images show an iPhone which is very similar in design to the current iPhone 4 model but with a larger screen in both dimensions (via MacRumors).

It is not clear yet how reliable the source of these images is.  The site has previously posted images of an iPhone front panel which matches these drawings.  However, being skeptical, it is possible that the site has simply generated these ‘technical drawings’ to support the photo that was previously released.  However, that said, images of the iPad 2 posted by third party Chinese accessory manufacturers have been extremely accurate so these images cannot be discounted yet.

The image above appears to show an iPhone with a screen that is both wider and taller.  The antenna of the model shown also does not appear to have any breaks in it, unlike the current iPhone 4, which given the depth of detail, is either an extraordinary oversight or an indication that the iPhone 5 could have a redesigned antenna.

The increased screen size is consistent with reports that have appeared previously suggesting that the next iPhone would have a 4 inch screen.  However, these drawings suggest at a 3.7 inch screen size.  If increasing the screen size, it should be noted that Apple has to retain the same proportions as the current iPhone display in order that developers wouldn’t have to redesign their apps.  We had also speculated that Apple may include a ‘Home Dock’ in a new design with a elongated screen although this mock-up showed the removal of the Home button.

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  • Gary Flintoff

    According to a few sites, it should be releasing in Aug 15th as Apple has issued notices to all employees to be present from the 16th of August to the 30th.
    Above is a link that might provide some insight into the issue.
    Regards from motivational posters

  • Why Optimize

    I love the larger screen, but then again that makes it easier for it to crack :(

    -Jeff Wilson
    twtr http FB

    • Lisa

       The larger screen is awesome, too bad they haven’t changed the design. Was hoping for a cooler look.

  • Mary

    What do you think the iPhone 6 is going to look like? Any real design changes?

    • AppleBitch

      From the last analyst rumor – it’s gonna be big design changes in the iPhone 6

  • Ahmad Rashad

    The larger screen is really nice and was actually required for Apple to compete with phones of it’s class, but they should’ve done some work on the aesthetics of it.

  • miguel muniz

    I am thinking apple will update the iphone 5… Much the same way ipad 2 is an updated ipad, not much change. I am hoping stronger glass and maybe some what thinner profile, maybe even a larger screen.