Apple Plans To Ship 40 Million iPads In 2011, But iPad 2.0 May See A Squeeze In Supply

The launch of the iPad 2 is expected later today and is expected to bring with it a dramatically increased demand for the world’s most popular tablet. While the first generation iPad was phenomenally successful, the iPad 2.0 will no doubt build on this and maintain Apple’s huge market share. DigiTimes has spoken with sources on the Apple component supply chain about how many iPads Apple expects to ship this year, and the numbers are simply staggering.

In Quarter 1 of 2011, Apple will apparently take delivery of 6-6.5 million iPads (this apparently includes the iPad 2.0) but even more interesting is that Apple is expecting sales of the iPad to reach around 40 million units for 2011.  That is an absolutely enormous volume of devices.   

However, the first batch of iPad 2.0 orders will apparently be around 300,000 to 400,000 units.  unfortunately, if these figures are correct then we will likely see shortages and extended shipping times for the new device, given the heavy demand seen with the first generation iPad.  Apple sold 3 million iPads in the first 80 days of release last year and, while the second generation iPad probably won’t sell that many initially, it is more than likely that there is going to be a hell of a lot more than 400,000 people around the globe looking to get their hands on one, on or near launch time.

The iPad 2.0 will be announced later today and, given the media frenzy and popularity of the device, will likely experience massive demand when Apple starts taking pre-orders.  If you want one soon after launch, get your pre-order in fast, as 400,000 second generation iPads are going to sell extraordinarily quickly.

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  • cv

    At this point, they will have an handful of original iPads left before they start shipping iPad 2.

    Apple has moved all models of the original iPad into the clearance section of the online Apple Store and it is likely that retail stores are selling through floor inventory at the discounted prices.

  • cv

    They’ve discontinued the iPad 1 and inventory in the channel has dried up. In the first 80 days of the iPad 2’s release, 95% of the units sold will be the second generation model.

    Apple probably doesn’t keep more than a 15-day inventory in its own stores and the channel probably has 30 day inventory. Since Best Buy removed their inventory codes for the original iPad, that probably means Best Buy hasn’t received a shipment for 45-60 days. Which is about the time necessary to a production ramp of a new model.

  • cv

    “Apple sold 3 million iPads in the first 80 days of release last year and, while the second generation iPad probably won’t sell that many initially…”

    What are you talking about? They are forecasted to sell 6-6.5 million iPads in the first quarter of this year which is ninety days. That’s nearly double the sales velocity of the original iPad at launch. That averages out to 500,000 units per week.

    300-400 thousand is probably good for a U.S.-only launch day which is probably what the initial order was for.

    • AppleBitch

      That number includes the iPad 1 big guy. Not just second gen.