Rumor: New MobileMe To Launch On March 21st?

There are new indications that Apple may be preparing to launch a revamped MobileMe service on the 21st March following unconfirmed rumors that it may play a part in tomorrow’s iPad 2 media event. An AppleBitch reader, James, tipped us that he managed to place an order for a MobileMe pack prior to Apple removing the option to order from their website.  A shipping notification for the MobileMe pack has now been received saying that MobileMe will arrive on Monday 21st March.

Apple recently started removing boxed copies of MobileMe from their retail stores and have also removed the option to purchase it directly, instead referring potential buyers to sign up for a 30 day free trial, at the end of which they would be able to pay the $99 fee for the year. This removal and mandatory switch to a free trial was first reported on February 24th, which is 25 days before March 21st. The 60 day trial therefore covers the entire interim period over which new customers could potentially sign up for the service without having to pay.

Shipping times are a relatively hit and miss method of gauging when a new Apple product will launch, but given that our source has received notification that his new MobileMe pack will arrive around 21st March, there may be something in store that we don’t yet know about.

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  • Jarrard Y.

    My MobileMe Syncing was trashed Sunday and I spoke with Apple support. He said changes they were making had created problems with many MobileMe accounts. At that time I had the impression Apple was making changes to MobileMe for the March 2 announcements of iPad and MobileMe services.