Rumor: March 2nd Event Will Showcase New MobileMe (And Upgraded iPad)

Apparently, an anonymous Apple ‘staffer’ has been speaking to CultofMac about the Apple media event tomorrow and has apparently revealed a few small nuggets of information.  Apparently, the loose-lipped individual, who asked to remain anonymous, suggested that Apple will be using the event tomorrow to launch a new and long-awaited MobileMe service as well as the iPad 2.  No doubt to the displeasure of Apple, the ‘staffer’ also suggests that the iPad 3 is the sequel that is worth waiting for.

The ‘staffer’ suggests that the new MobileMe service may allow users to store all of their media purchased from iTunes, including movies and music, in the cloud.  However, they were only able to confirm that it had been talked about and may not necessarily appear.  The person also suggests that the iPad 2 will likely be a speed bump and that the iPad 3 is on track for being revealed this year.

Rumors of a MobileMe revamp have been circulating for a while but this source doesn’t really add anything new to the details (although it will be interesting to note if Apple does indeed launch the new MobileMe service tomorrow). The details regarding the iPad 2 are also not new information but, and again this is interesting, this source suggests that an iPad 3 will arrive later this year and that that iPad 2 had a number of ‘problems’ during development.  No details of the ‘problems’ were revealed so it’s unclear what he/she could be referring to, but the iPad 3 rumors again add to the speculation that Apple is planning on releasing a completely revamped version of the iPad in 2011.  We’re not convinced.

Sadly, no comment is made on the reliability of the anonymous ‘staffer’ (the person may or may not be a random Genius).  However, hopefully the individual has got a couple of things right and we’ll see the MobileMe facelift soon. As for the iPad 3, aside from a couple of rumors there has been absolutely no evidence whatsoever that such a device would be released so soon after the second generation iPad.


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  • cv

    In addition to the rarity of an Apple employee speaking about unannounced product is the fact that this person is downplaying the quality/importance of the next hardware release.

    This is not behavior one would expect from a person who has a vested interest in seeing increased AAPL shareholder value. Basically, this alleged “staffer” is suggesting not to buy the next iPad.

    This person’s comments simply do not add up and present as a valid rumor.

    Personally, I think CultOfMac (and anyone else rebroadcasting this “rumor”) have been duped.

  • cv

    I question the validity of this source. It is almost unheard of for product rumors to come from Apple employees; it is not in their interest in leaking info. If discovered, A.) they could lose their jobs, and probably more importantly B.) they would forfeit any shares or stock option grants.

    The people with the least to lose are retail line employees and they are typically the last people to learn the details of new products.

    This rumor is either coming from a retail sales associate who is making stuff up or an imposter, a third party pretending to be an Apple employee.